10cm to 14cm Popper Fishing Lure With Rotating Tail


Indulge in exhilarating topwater action with our Popper Fishing Lure, offered in sizes ranging from 10cm to 14cm. Featuring a distinctive rotating tail, it emits loud sounds and powerful vibrations, captivating predatory fish such as pike and bass.

The substantial size and dynamic tail action replicate the splash of distressed prey, eliciting aggressive responses from elusive predators. A must-have for enthusiasts craving thrilling topwater strikes.

Experience explosive topwater action with our Popper Fishing Lure, available in sizes from 10cm to 14cm. Its unique rotating tail creates loud sounds and strong vibrations, making it irresistible to predatory fish like pike and bass. The large size and dynamic tail action simulate a distressed prey’s splash, triggering aggressive responses from elusive predators. This lure is essential for those seeking thrilling topwater strikes.

About This Lure:

  • Whopper Popper: The popper is an effective and proven lure designed to move water using a concave or hollowed nose. Poppers aim to simulate any sort of distressed creature that might be moving or struggling on the surface of the water (baitfish, frogs, and insects are the most typical imitations).
  • Rotating Tail: Features a rotating tail that mimics a fishtail, creating a ripple effect on the water’s surface, ideal for noisy topwater fishing. Boosts the lure’s visual and auditory appeal to attract attention.
  • Large Size Lure: Aims at bigger predatory fish, providing greater visibility and a more substantial profile in the water, which triggers predatory behavior.

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