140mm 24g Ultra-long Casting Floating Minnow Large Hard Bait Fishing Lure


Conquer the surface game with our 140mm, 24g Ultra-long Casting Floating Minnow. Engineered for ultra-long casting, it effortlessly covers vast areas, making it the perfect tool for anglers seeking to dominate expansive water bodies. This lure floats gracefully on the water’s surface, imitating natural prey and enticing surface-feeding predators with its lifelike movements. Durable and efficient, it’s the ultimate choice for anglers targeting fish in open waters.

Dominate the surface game with our 140mm, 24g Ultra-long Casting Floating Minnow. Its design is perfect for ultra-long casting, covering vast areas with ease. The lure floats attractively on the water, mimicking surface prey to entice surface-feeding predators. Strong and effective, it’s the ideal lure for expansive water bodies.

With its innovative design and customizable color options, the Suspending Minnow Fishing Lure empowers anglers to adapt to any fishing scenario with confidence. Experience the freedom to experiment with different colors and patterns, allowing you to fine-tune your approach and unlock the secrets of each unique fishing environment.

About This Lure

Dominate the water’s surface with the 140mm, 24g Floating Minnow. Designed for anglers looking to cover large areas. This lure features an ultra-long casting ability that ensures it reaches even the most distant parts of the lake or coast. On the surface, it mimics a struggling prey, attracting predatory fish such as bass and pike with its erratic movements. Its buoyant body is equipped with high-quality hooks and finishes that resist the elements, providing a durable and effective tool for surface fishing.

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Stinger 140F-P, Stinger 140F-K, Stinger 140F-J, Stinger 140F-I, Stinger 140F-H, Stinger 140F-O, Stinger 140F-N, Stinger 140F-M, Stinger 140F-L, Stinger 140F-C, Stinger 140F-B, Stinger 140F-A, Stinger 140F-G, Stinger 140F-F, Stinger 140F-E, Stinger 140F-D


140mm 24g Floating


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