9cm 20g/7.5cm 12g Topwater Floating Fishing Lure


Discover the perfect blend of versatility and efficiency with our range of Topwater Floating Fishing Lures. Whether you choose the 9cm, 20g option or the 7.5cm, 12g variant, these lures offer dual benefits for anglers seeking topwater action.

Designed to float effortlessly at the surface, they entice fish with their dynamic movements and vivid colors. Ideal for drawing strikes from surface-feed

Experience the dual benefits of versatility and efficiency with our 9cm 20g Topwater Floating Fishing Lure. Or with the 7.5cm 12g Topwater Floating Fishing Lure. These lures float at the surface, attracting fish through their dynamic movements and vivid colors. Perfect for drawing strikes from surface-feeding predators.

About This Lure:

  • Floating and Topwater Capabilities: These lures are specifically designed to float at the water’s surface, providing a high level of visibility and motion. This is crucial for triggering topwater strikes. The floating minnow swims with a gentle rocking motion that mimics an injured fish at the surface. While the topwater lure creates significant splashes and noise to mimic the thrashing of prey in distress. Together, they cover a range of surface fishing techniques that can provoke aggressive responses from predatory fish.
  • Dual Lure Combination: Offering anglers a strategic advantage, this combination caters to varied fishing conditions and times of day. By using either the more subtle floating minnow or the more aggressive topwater lure, anglers can adapt to the preferences of local fish populations and the changing conditions of their environment. This versatility makes the set particularly useful for anglers who fish in diverse locations or who enjoy experimenting with different techniques.
  • Engaging Action: Both lures are designed to produce highly engaging actions that attract fish through visual and auditory stimuli. The floating minnow subtly wobbles and dives under the surface, creating lifelike swimming actions that deceive predatory fish. The topwater lure, on the other hand, generates loud pops and splashes that simulate the movements of prey in panic, making it irresistible to anything hunting near the water’s surface.

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