Bass Crankbait Topwater Fishing Lure 45mm 4.1g


Enhance your bass fishing techniques with the Bass Crankbait Topwater Fishing Lure. Measuring just 45mm and weighing 4.1g, this compact lure is ideal for targeting bass in shallow waters. Its crankbait design generates an erratic water disturbance, mimicking vulnerable prey and provoking instinctive strikes from bass.

With its lightweight construction, casting becomes effortless, while the topwater design guarantees thrilling surface action, ensuring each fishing trip is unforgettable.

Please note: To ensure availability for all customers, the maximum quantity of this lure per order is limited to 1.

Elevate your bass fishing game with the Bass Crankbait Topwater Fishing Lure. At just 45mm and 4.1g, this compact lure is perfect for targeting bass lurking in shallow waters. Its crankbait design creates an erratic water disturbance. Mimicking vulnerable prey and triggering instinctive strikes from bass. The lightweight build allows for an effortless casting experience, while the topwater design ensures exciting surface action, making each fishing trip memorable.

Important Notice: Maximum quantity of this lure per order is: 1  per order.

About This Lure:

  • Bass Crankbait: This type of lure dives shallow with a wide wobble, designed to imitate a fish swimming through water. Perfect for attracting bass with its erratic movements.
  • Topwater: Floats and operates at the surface, ideal for stimulating visual attacks from predatory fish.
  • Crankbait Lure: Known for their distinct wobble and rolling action. Crankbaits are perfect for covering a lot of water quickly to locate and provoke fish. They mimic the movement of small baitfish, crayfish, and other aquatic creatures. Crafted from hard plastic or wood, they are equipped with a bill that prompts them to submerge as they are reeled in.

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