Floating Hard Minnow Wobbler Fishing Lure 12.2cm 14.5g


Step up your angling prowess with the Floating Hard Minnow Wobbler Fishing Lure. This lure, measuring 12.2cm and weighing 14.5g, is engineered to take on larger fish with its sturdy construction and captivating wobble action. Perfect for species like bass and pike, it delivers exceptional performance across a range of aquatic settings, ensuring you reel in the big catches with ease.

Elevate your angling game with the Floating Hard Minnow Wobbler Fishing Lure. Measuring 12.2cm and weighing 14.5g, this lure is designed to tackle larger fish thanks to its robust construction and enticing wobble action. Ideal for species such as bass and pike, it offers superior performance in various aquatic environments.

About This Lure:

  • Dynamic Wobble: The wobbler design creates a unique side-to-side action that simulates wounded baitfish, an irresistible target for predatory species. This dynamic movement, combined with the lure’s floating ability, provides an effective presentation at the water’s surface.
  • Enhanced Attraction: Equipped with vibrant colors and a glossy finish, this lure catches light and reflects it effectively, capturing the attention of nearby fish. Moreover, its substantial size and weight enhance its castability, allowing it to reach distant hotspots where big fish lurk.
  • Strategic Advantage: This lure works exceptionally well in both calm and rough waters. Its design allows it to maintain stability and action, tempting even the most cautious fish to bite.

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14.5B, 14.5A, 14.5F, 14.5E, 14.5D, 14.5C, 14.5 J, 14.5I, 14.5H, 14.5G


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