Suspending Minnow Fishing Lure 145mm/23.5g And 120mm/19.5g Luminous Saltwater Crankbait


Take your fishing skills to the next level with the Suspending Minnow Fishing Lure, a must-have for every angler. Available in two optimal sizes – 145mm at 23.5g and 120mm at 19.5g – this lure is meticulously engineered to thrive in diverse fishing conditions.

Please note: To ensure availability for all customers, the maximum quantity of this lure per order is limited to 1.

Step up your fishing game with the Suspending Minnow Fishing Lure, essential for every angler’s arsenal. This lure comes in two optimal sizes: 145mm at 23.5g and 120mm at 19.5g. Engineered to excel in diverse fishing conditions.

Important Notice: Maximum quantity of this lure per order is: 1  per order.

Key Features of the Suspending Minnow Fishing Lure:

  • Versatile Design: Cast with confidence whether you are near rocky shores or over deep waters. This lure offers unparalleled adaptability. It remains suspended at your desired depth, most importantly, enabling you to target zones where big fish are likely to be found. Moreover, this feature proves invaluable around complex underwater features like reefs and shipwrecks.
  • Enhanced Visibility: In addition to its versatile design, The Suspending Minnow stands out in low-light situations with its glow-in-the-dark capability. Ideal for use during dawn, dusk, or cloudy weather, its luminous property draws fish from afar, significantly increasing your chances of a successful catch.
  • Durability and Strength: Crafted with corrosion-resistant materials, this lure is built to endure the harsh marine environment. It combines a robust construction with sharp, sturdy hooks, ready to take on the toughest saltwater giants.
  • Effective Fishing Tool:  Similarly Ideal for novices and experienced anglers alike, the Suspending Minnow boosts your fishing efficiency. It maintains position in the mid-water column, precisely targeting active fishing zones. This strategic advantage puts it a step ahead of other lures.
  • Note on Availability: To ensure equitable distribution within our fishing community, we limit purchases to one lure per order.

Dive into your next saltwater fishing adventure with the Suspending Minnow Fishing Lure. This reliable, high-performance lure is your gateway to capturing elusive saltwater giants. Ready, set, fish!

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163mm-002, 163mm-001, 163mm-004, 163mm-003, 120mm-007, 120mm-006, 120mm-008, 163mm-005, 163mm-007, 163mm-006, 145mm-003, 145mm-006, 145mm-002, 145mm-001, 120mm-003, 120mm-002, 145mm-004, 120mm-005, 145mm-005, 120mm-004, 163mm-008, 145mm-008, 145mm-007, 120mm-001


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