140mm 26g Saltwater Ultra Long Casting Hard Jerkbait Sinking Minnow Fishing Lure


Unleash unparalleled casting distance with the 140mm, 26g Hard Jerkbait Sinking Minnow, meticulously engineered for saltwater behemoths. Its rugged construction facilitates ultra-long casts, ideal for accessing vast offshore fishing grounds. Submerging to where the giants lurk, this lure delivers a dynamic and captivating action that ignites aggressive strikes, ensuring an exhilarating angling experience.

Achieve exceptional reach with this 140mm, 26g Hard Jerkbait Sinking Minnow, crafted for saltwater giants. Its heavy-duty design enables ultra-long casts, perfect for reaching expansive offshore fishing spots. This lure sinks to where the big prey roam, offering a dynamic and enticing action that triggers aggressive strikes.

Offering an extensive range of vibrant color variants tailored to suit a multitude of fishing environments. Whether you’re navigating clear, shallow waters or exploring murky, deep-sea expanses, this lure has you covered with its wide array of color options.

About This Lure

Achieve unprecedented casting distances with the 140mm, 26g Sinking Minnow. Tailored for challenging saltwater environments, this large hard jerkbait pierces through the air to reach remote fish-holding areas. Once submerged, its sinking action and rhythmic wobbling provoke aggressive strikes from species typically found in offshore waters. The lure’s robust construction and superior hooks provide the strength needed to battle large and powerful fish, ensuring anglers can fish with confidence during the most demanding conditions.

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DW92-C, DW92-R, DW92-S, DW92-A, DW92-Q, DW92-N, DW92-O, DW92-P, DW92-M, DW92-B, DW92-T, DW92-L, DW92-K, DW92-J, DW92-I, DW92-G, DW92-F, DW92-E, DW92-D


140mm 26g


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