Suspending Minnow Jerkbait 115mm 17.2g Tungsten Weight System Hard Fishing Lure


Immerse yourself in precision angling with the Suspending Minnow Jerkbait. Measuring 115mm and weighing 17.2g, this lure boasts a tungsten weight system, ensuring flawless suspension in the water column. Tailored for targeting mid-water feeders, it provides exceptional control and responsiveness to twitching and jerking techniques. A top pick for anglers craving precision and versatility in their lure action.

Experience precision with the Suspending Minnow Jerkbait. This 115mm, 17.2g lure features a tungsten weight system, allowing it to suspend perfectly in the water column. Ideal for targeting mid-water feeders, it offers superb control and responsiveness to twitching and jerking techniques. It’s a top choice for anglers seeking control and versatility in their lure action.

Utilizing a weight system of small diameter tungsten balancers. having a low center of gravity and super-high specific gravity, this lure delivers crushing long-range cast ability and highly responsive action. Coupled with various design options, makes this lure highly versatile to fit various environments and situations.

Important Notice: Maximum quantity of this lure per order is: 1  per order.

About This Lure

This Suspending Minnow Jerkbait is the ideal choice for anglers seeking precision and control. Featuring a cutting-edge tungsten weight system, it maintains an enticing suspended state that perfectly mimics the natural behavior of baitfish. Its size and weight make it ideal for a variety of fishing conditions, from shallow streams to deeper river sections. The lure’s design promotes easy manipulation through twitching and jerking, triggering bites from wary predators. Its detailed finish and life-like eyes enhance its visual appeal, making it a lethal addition to any tackle box.

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Aurora 115SP-M, Aurora 115SP-N, Aurora 115SP-K, Aurora 115SP-L, Aurora 115SP-C, Aurora 115SP-B, Aurora 115SP-A, Aurora 115SP-Q, Aurora 115SP-R, Aurora 115SP-O, Aurora 115SP-P, Aurora 115SP-D, Aurora 115SP-E, Aurora 115SP-F, Aurora 115SP-G, Aurora 115SP-H, Aurora 115SP-I, Aurora 115SP-J


115mm 17.2g


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